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With over 25,000 DVDs and CDs, Premiere Opera is the world’s largest archival catalog of live opera recordings. These rare, immortal, unique, and iconic performances feature the greatest opera singers of the past, and the most exciting artists of today.  Explore our catalog to find never before available audio and video recordings of your favorite singers, composers, conductors, productions, shows, and more. Many of these recordings you won't find anywhere else. Prices are extremely low and our discs are multi region; so they work anywhere in the world. We ship internationally and welcome customers from across the globe.

The Premiere Opera catalog was founded in the 1960’s by Edward Rosen, one of the original record producers of live opera recordings, whose work went on to sell in the biggest classical music record stores throughout the world. Through producing and archiving these immense live recordings of the Golden Age greats, to today's current stars, the Premiere Opera catalog is the only database in the world to hold such a legacy of recorded history; therefore its continuation is essential from an educational and historical standpoint, so that the next generation of students, opera singers, fans, and classical arts connoisseurs from all over the world, can learn from, be inspired by, and experience the greatest live operatic and classical arts performances.

It is important to note that Premiere Opera donates 100% of any income to the Premiere Opera Foundation, an internationally recognized non-profit organization, which oversees the compiling, restoring, protecting, archiving, and promotion of the Premiere Opera catalog, as well as a multitude of other important inititaives, including the Foundation's world-class International Vocal Compeititon. Therefore, purchasing from Premiere Opera, constitutes a donation that goes to support Premiere Opera Foundation’s incredible, and important goals. Please read more about the Foundation's mission, vision, and philosophical overview here.  

Thank you for your continued support of Pre
miere Opera, as we preserve, educate, and pass on our great love, of providing to you and future generations, with unmatched access to the highest caliber of live performances in the arts.


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